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Our Mission

To create innovative endovascular catheters for use in the treatment of patients with acute venous thromboembolic (VTE) conditions.

Our Vision

Orchestrate the medical profession’s identified unmet needs with our unique product development capabilities.

Our Goal

To create a continuous stream of new products based on the original BASHIR™ platform technology, which will improve the treatment outcomes for patients suffering from acute VTE conditions.

Founded in 2016, Thrombolex, Inc. is engaged in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of innovative endovascular catheters used in interventional procedures, particularly in catheter-directed thrombolysis (CDT) of large thrombus in patients affected by acute VTE conditions.

How We Help

Thrombolex, Inc. is committed to improving the quality of life of patients with VTE conditions.

VTE is a serious medical condition that is much more widespread than is generally known by the public at large. It is a condition that has “fallen through the cracks” among various medical specialties and therefore is not diagnosed or approached with the efficiency and urgency that it merits.

The BASHIR™Endovascular Catheter is the only pharmaco-mechanical catheter cleared by the FDA that allows for the selective infusion of physician - specified fuids, including thrombolitics, into precise locations in the patient’s peripheral vasculature, thereby treating the thrombus more efficiently in less time, using less thrombolytic drugs.

Thrombolex Cares

Thrombolex is dedicated to increasing awareness of these conditions and providing the best therapy to quickly and cost-effectively reduce the clot burden, thereby improving the patient’s quality of life.​

Available Now:

The BASHIR™ Endovascular Catheter is a device intended for the localized infusion of physician specified fluids, including thrombolytics, into the peripheral vasculature.

The BASHIR™ N-X Endovascular Catheter is a device intended for the localized infusion of physician specified fluids, into the peripheral vasculature, including the pulmonary arteries.

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