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Founded in 2016, Thrombolex, Inc. is engaged in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of innovative endovascular catheters used in interventional procedures, particularly in catheter-directed  thrombolysis (CDT) of large thrombus in patients affected by acute venous thromboembolic (VTE) conditions.

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Welcome to the Thrombolex product line and our innovative approach to VTE treatment. Our team of experts are dedicated to bringing a new standard of care to patients with VTE conditions. To improve the patient experience we have created the BASHIR™ endovascular catheter line of products.

What We Do

Thrombolex provides an innovative line of endovascular catheters, which feature a unique combination of pharmaco-mechanical, expandable infusion baskets for effective treatment of VTE conditions, especially when treating large thrombus.

These products are the first interventional catheters to rapidly create multiple channels so the patient’s own endogenous lytics can flow into the culprit thrombus, enhanced by infused exoginous thrombolitics.

This unique approach should reduce the amount of thrombolitics used and shorten treatment time, benefiting the patient. Contact us to learn more about this amazing new line of products.

Designed to Enhance Outcomes

BASHIR™ endovascular catheters are the first interventional catheters to rapidly create multiple channels so the patient’s own endogenous lytics can flow into the culprit thrombus.

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1) Mode of Action

Reduces total clot burden


Mechanical expansion of the 6 mini-infusion catheters of the basket creates a large central channel which is designed to allow the patient’s own blood to flow through the clot immediately.

This creates a greater surface area within the clot where the endogenous and exogenous lytics accelerate clot lysis, reducing the total clot burden.

BASHIR™ Endovascular Catheter, open basket

2) Safety

The potential to reduce bleeding complications

The patent center lumen of the BASHIR™ N-X device uniquely allows the medical team to measure pulmonary artery pressure and mixed venous oxygen saturation during infusion.

This should reduce bleeding complications by allowing for customized patient care.

BASHIR™ N-X  Endovascular Catheter 

3) Ease of Use and Cost-Effective Care

Minimal change to workflow and simple to use

By employing standard interventional techniques the BASHIR™ Endovascular Catheter is easy to use and does not require the purchase of expensive additional capital equipment.

This enables a more cost-effective and efficient approach across the patient care continuum.

BASHIR™ Endovascular Catheter, closed basket

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