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​The many decades of experience these key team members have in the cardiovascular field means they thoroughly understand this industry segment, the nuances of regulatory approval, and are well suited to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Their expertise will allow them to be efficient both in time and financial management bringing their vision to fruition, and having a wide-ranging impact on the patients’ quality of life.

Board of Directors
Marvin Woodall,
Chairman & CEO 

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Paul A. Stewart,




Michael J. Cerminaro,
President & COO

Brian G. Firth, MD, PhD, MBA,
Chief Scientific Officer

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Todd Richmond,
President of Peregrine Surgical

Scientific Advisory Board
Our Commitment to You

“ The BEC will have such a tremendous impact on the populations that suffer from these diseases. Our team is working every day to bring forward this transformational technology which will really have a positive impact on treating patients around the world.”


       -  Marvin Woodall

          Thrombolex Chairman & CEO

Available Now:

The BASHIR™ Endovascular Catheter is a device intended for the localized infusion of physician specified fluids, including thrombolytics, into the peripheral vasculature.

The BASHIR™ N-X Endovascular Catheter is a device intended for the localized infusion of physician specified fluids, into the peripheral vasculature, including the pulmonary arteries.

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